About Us

Af Rosén


Af Rosén, established in 2021 has one goal and that is to make a change to the apparel industry. We want to achieve a sustainable way of creating the materials and clothes. Both for the environment and the workers.

It’s not just the production that has to change. Our mentality and way of consuming also has to change. We should buy less garments with higher quality, allowing us to keep and use them for longer.

We want to find new materials that allows us to still express ourselves, without affecting the world around us. Better materials that allows our clothing to be reused, resulting in less wear on our planet.

Our Vision

Af Rosén is not a regular “streetwear” or clothing brand. We want to reshape and stir up the world of apparel. Consumption is one of the biggest environmental challenges that we face today. Af Rosén has a completely different approach to manufacturing, sourcing and creation of apparel.

Slow and lasting

We only use fabrics and other materials that are sustainable and certified. Our products are meant to be used for a very long time. 

When you are done, recycle, or even better, sell or donate it away!

Made Ethically

Some years ago, most companies have moved their manufacturing to lower cost countries. We want to bring back manufacturing to the countries where the apparel is bought and used. Resulting in less transporation.